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Our long experience has shown that the main success factor in any
effort is the people who take part in it. That is why we believe that
our company’s human resources have been and are the greatest
investment we have made. In order to maintain the quality of our
human resources at high levels, we invest every year in developing our
staff’s expertise so that they can meet the constantly changing needs
of the environment in which we do business.
Human resources
Since 2008
has implemented the Quality Management System, which is
compliant with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 International
Standard. Using specific methods along with systematic monitoring of
business processes, this system ensures that the company operates
in the best possible manner and assures the expected quality in the
products and services that we offer you. Certified quality in the whole
spectrum of our company’s operation is a guarantee that your needs
and requirements will be met in full.
Certified quality
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