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Avolites PEARL 2008

Avolites PEARL 2008

The console Pearl 2008 combines strength and flexibility at very small dimensions. As with all Avolites consoles so the Pearl 2008 is designed for quick and easy programming and implementation. The Presets available to give ease and flexibility in many type options: pan, tilt, colour, gobo, etc. All the memories of the changes are automatically saved, allowing the user – programmer to create without fear of data loss.



  • Internal Flash Drive, similar in functionality to a hard disk but faster and more rugged. Provides enough storage for the entire Fixture Library of more than 3,000 files or over a hundred show files.
  • Removable external Memory Stick.
  • Cache the entire Fixture library of more than 3,000 files
  • Improved method of Fixture selection for Patching
  • New Locate Fixture button
  • Fixture Selects (selecting the top row of faders)
  • 2048 Channels across 4 DMX universes.
  • 240 Intelligent Fixtures.
  • 240 Dimmer Control Channels.
  • Theatrical Plotting and Playback functions.
  • Shape Generator for instant creation of patterns and effects.
  • 15 Playback Masters controlling 450 memories, chases or cue lists.
  • MIDI and Bass, Mid, Treble sound to light triggers.
  • Colour VGA output fitted as standard.

Avolites T3

Avolites T3

  • 10x Playback faders
  • 3x Optical encoder wheels
  • DMX 512: 4x 5-pin XLR, galvanic & optically isolated
  • DMX port can be configured as input (requires connector type change cable)
  • up to 16 ethernet DMX universes (ART-NET and S-ACN) from host computer 3–pin XLR SMPTE LTC input
  • USB-C compatible with USB 3.1
  • Dimensions: 402 x 270 x 50 mm (15.8 x 10.6 x 2 in)
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs)

Avolites Tiger Touch

Avolites Tiger Touch

  • 10 pageable playbacks, 60 pages
  • 10 static playbacks – perfect for instant access
  • 100% brighter 15.6″ screen
  • Three metal shaft optical encoders offering luxurious precision
  • MIDI support for MIDI Notes and MIDI Timecode
  • Built in UPS (coming 2015)
  • 4 physical DMX outputs, up to 16 over ArtNet or sACN – 8192 channels
  • Supports Titan Network Processors for DMX expansion up to 64 universes
  • Trigger inputs
  • Dual Ethernet port
  • Expand your control surface through wings, DMX In or MIDI
  • Dedicated cue stack control
  • Support for external touch screen
  • 10 programmable executor buttons
  • Conveniently accessible front loading USB

Avolites Quartz

Avolites Quartz

  • 10x Playback faders
  • 12.1″ high-brightness touchscreen
  • Supports one additional touchscreen
  • 4x Neutrik 5-pin XLR, optionally isolated
  • 2x USB 3.0, one front-panel mounted, one rear mounted
  • 3.5mm stereo jack (audio out)
  • 1x 1Gb ethercon
  • MIDI In via 5-pin DIN
  • Dimensions: 425 x 466 x 194 mm (16.7 x 18.3 x 7.6 in)
  • Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lbs)

Behringer Eurolight LC2412

Behringer Eurolight LC2412

  • 24-channel DMX lighting console
  • 24 preset channels assignable to 512 DMX channels
  • 120 scenes are storable in 10 banks
  • Integrated chaser with up to 650 steps featuring sync-to-bass beat plus a frequency-dependent sound-to-light function
  • Freely selectable crossfade time
  • 2 additional, multifunctional channels for special effects (e.g. fog machine, color changer, etc.)
  • Manual and automatic fading operations
  • Intuitive solo and channel flash functions
  • Preview function allows hidden memory and chaser checks”even during live performances
  • Dimmer control via DMX or analog output (0/+10 V)
  • MIDI interface for cascading of 2 LC2412s
  • PCMCIA card slot for storing of up to 25 complete settings using optional card
  • Illuminated display/controls
  • BNC lamp sockets
  • Rugged steel case

ETC Colorsource 20

ETC Colorsource 20

  • 20x faders with bumps
  • 5x user-defined buttons
  • 4x user-defined faders
  • 1x 5-pin DMX output
  • 1x USB port
  • 7in touchscreen
  • 1x Kensington Security Slot
  • PSU input

Martin LightJockey

Martin LightJockey

LightJockey 2 is a flexible, easy-to-use Windows-based controller utilizing a USB to DMX Interface. One of the industry’s most popular PC-based controllers for well over a decade, LightJockey 2 offers lighting designers greater flexibility, spontaneity and ease of use in a user-focused control package.
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32/64 bit based lighting controller software
  • Large fixture library and user configurable editor
  • Real-time realistic 3D Visualizer MSD MC Edition for off-site programming, (45 day trial version)
  • Supports MP3, audio CD, SMPTE and MIDI timecode
  • Martin USB Duo DMX interface with 2 x 512 Channels DMXIN/Out
  • Control of up to 100 fixtures (680 RGB fixtures), 2048 DMX channels
  • Graphical representation of all fixture functions
  • LED-Trix plug-in included for programming color-mixing fixtures
Control and Programming
Trig sources: Manual, auto, audio input with FFT analyzer, DMX in, MIDI, Light Jockey Manager
Cue list time code synchronization (CLTCS) options
Internal timer, including 24-hour clock
Audio CD time code from CD-ROM drive
Digital Audio (MP3, Wav, etc.) time code using Winamp ™
MIDI Time code, SMPTE with suitable SMPTE/MTC interface
Cue contains 12 sequences with global or individual fade time adjustment
Master intensity control + 8 configurable intensity groups
Manual override with direct access to all functions
Independent background cue with 5 parallel sequences
Blackout and fade out function
Go button for manual cue lists
Assignable keyboard hotkeys for faster access
Smoke control independent from programming
Follow spot function
Cue list for synchronization with timer, digital audio or Audio CD-ROM timecode
Audio analyzer for trigging sequences by audio
Function and DMX channel override via DMX IN (depending on interface type)



Performace Control


Hot Cue (Sampler)

Quick Start

Auto Beat Loop/Emergency


Real Time Seamless Loop

Loop Adjust

In / Out Adjust




Wave Data

Cue/Loop Memory


CD Control

Jog Dial Size

206,0 mm

Jog Dial Type

Touch Sensitive with Silver Jog Ring

Jog Modes

CDJ Mode & Vinyl Mode

Pitch Bend

Scratch Play/Cue

Quick Scratch

After Searching Track
After Hot Cue REC
After Hot Cue PLAY

Fader Start/Back Cue Start

Relay Play

Vinyl Speed Adjust


Master Tempo

BPM Counter

Front Loading Slot-In CD

Cue Functions

Auto Cue

Manual Cue

Real Time Cue

Cue Point Sampler



Bright Display with Red Cue point on JOG Display

Wave Display

Jog Display

Playing Address


Legato Link Conversion

Anti Vibration

Analogue Output

1 Stereo RCA

Digital Output

Type of Discs

12 & 8cm CDs

Disc Format


Included Accessories

MMC (Movable memory card), power cord, manual, stereo phono cable, Forced Eject Pin


Frequency Response

4 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Frequency Response (DVD 96 khz)


Signal to Noise Ratio

115 dB or more (EIAJ)


0,006 % (EIAJ)

Audio Output Level

2 V

Power Consumption

31 Watts

Power Requirements

220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD)

320 x 105 x 370 mm

Net Weight

4.2 kg